Advanced Modern Piano

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About Course

Rosemary goes over exercises for warming up, different scales, voicings, songwriting tips and different practice approaches both solo and with other musicians in order to become an all-around piano player.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Proper warmup and posture exercises for piano.
  • Different modes from the Melodic Minor Scale, as well as the Altered, Whole Tone, and Pentatonic Scales.
  • Different type of Voicings.
  • Different exercises for songwriting.
  • Different exercises to learn new songs, and to practice alone and with others.

Course Content

Setting Yourself Up for Success
Rosemary gives us exercises and techniques to warm up and to gain independence in your fingers.

  • Preparing for the Stage
  • Breath and Tension Release
  • Warming Up
  • More Technique Exercises

Rosemary goes through different scales: The modes of the Melodic Minor Scale, and the Diminished, Altered, Whole Tone and Pentatonic Scales.

Chord Voicings
Rosemary goes through different voicings and how to apply them in your playing.

Rosemary gives exercises and tips on songwriting, inspiration and collaborationg with other musicians.

Practice Room to Performance
Rosemary goes through different tips and tricks for practicing and learning new songs, as well as to practice with other people and tips on performance on a live setting versus a studio setting.

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