Drum Pro Path

Part A

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4
  • Course 5
  • Course 6
  • Part A Final

Modern Drumming

Learn how to be a versatile drummer who is ready for any type of gig.

Working With A Metronome

Learn how to work with a metronome.

Groove, Feel and Timekeeping

Learn how to improve your timekeeping on the drums.

Emphasizing Ambidexterity

Learning Ambidexterity between limbs.

Learning Classic Drum Beats and Groove Techniques

Understand the techniques to play along to classic drum grooves and beats.

Introduction to Shuffle Drumming

Learn how to play different types of shuffle rhythms .

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Part B

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4
  • Course 5
  • Course 6
  • Part B Final

Advanced Modern Drumming

Learn advanced concepts for the Drums.

Introduction to Drum Technique

Learn multiple drumming techniques to be used all together.

Pad And Kit

Learn the best way to practice for intense BPMs starting in the practice pad and moving on to a full sized drum kit.

Beginner’s Music Business

Learn the basics of navigating the music business.

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Part C

  • Continued Learning Courses
Traditional Funk and R&B Rhythms
Learn the fundamentals of Funk and R&B drumming.
Introduction to Jazz Drumming
Learn how to play drums in the jazz style.
Introduction to Afro-Cuban Rhythms
Learn how to play Afro Cuban Rhythms.
Introduction to Caribbean Drumming
Learn how to play Caribbean rhythms.
Recording For Musicians
Learn how to record in a home environment.

Part D

  • Continued Learning Courses
The Double Drummer Effect
Learn Ambidexterity, Polyrhythms and to achieve the “Double Drummer Effect”
Introduction to Blast Beats
Learn how to play Blast Beats.
Introduction to Hand Percussion
Learn about Hand Percussion
South American Percussion
Learn South American Percussion.
Introduction to Colombian Music
Learn about the different genres and rhythms of Colombian Music.
Introduction to Brazilian Drumming
Learn all the major rooted style foundations for Brazilian drumming and get introuduced to Bossa Nova and Samba and how they work together.
Introduction to Electronic Drums
Learn everything related to Electronic Drum Sets.