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Intro to the Guitar
Costas guides you through the strings, how to strum your first E and A chord, as well as how to play a few songs.
Arpeggios and the Pentatonic Scale
Costas introduces arpeggiated chords, the pentatonic scale's first position, and how to improvise with the pentatonic scale.
Expression Techniques
Costas discusses how to add expression with pick techniques, neck hand expression techniques, the pentatonic scale's second position, and bending techniques.
Pentatonic Positions, Power and Bar Chords
Costas introduces the third, fourth and fifth positions in the pentatonic scale, power chords, bar chords, and major and minor bar chords.
Major, Minor Scales and Seventh Chords
Costas introduces major scale first position, minor scale first position, and seventh chords.
Introduction to the Guitar (Included in Essential)
About Lesson

In this lesson, Costas teaches how to play “Knocking at Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan

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