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The First Steps of Programming Acoustic Drums
Will explains what makes up a modern drum kit and how to select a good starting point.
Working With Drum Grooves
Will demonstrates the Groove Library in Native Instruments, deconstructing and editing drum grooves, and programming a groove from scratch.
Adding To Your Drum Grooves
In this step, Will explains the different articulation options as well as adding structure and a different feeling to your drums.
Recording and Tweaking Your Drum Kit
Will demonstrates how to record with MIDI, recording with drummers, and picking the right drum kit for your project.
Mixing Your Kit Levels
Will demonstrates how to mix your drums with Kontakt or an outside DAW, mixing with close mics, and working with room and overhead mics.
Programming Acoustic Drums (Included in Essential)
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How Does A Sampled Drum Kit Work?
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