Course Content
Intro to the Studio
Vinnie will speak on the overall recording process, basic gear in the studio and introduce some basic signal flow.
Sound and Digital Audio
Vinnie will speak on the difference between Amplitude and Volume, Frequency and Pitch, Mono vs Stereo and will also discuss what is Digital Audio.
Vinnie will discuss Microphone Circuits, Popular Vocal and Instrument Mics, Mic Placement and Cables.
DAWs, Plug-ins, and Recording
Vinnie will explain what are DAW's and how to set them up, he will also touch routing and how to use Plugins, different record modes and will demonstrate what is Playlisting.
The Tools and Language
Vinnie will discuss and explain Compression and Dynamics, EQ's and Filters, Time and Pitch based effects and to describe what you hear.
Recording For Musicians (Included in Essential)
About Lesson

In this lesson, Vinnie will give basic introduction to the types of gear and talk about the purpose of things like Consoles, processing hardware, and protools.

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