Advanced Modern Bass

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About Course

In this course, Dylan teaches different practice habits, scales, blues foundations, slap bass and extended techniques on the bass to make you a well rounded bass player.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn different approaches to tone and different practice habits.
  • Learn different scales, modes, and ways to incorporate singing into your playing.
  • Learn different blues approaches and fills.
  • Learn different Slap Bass techniques.
  • Learn extended techniques and voicings.

Course Content

The Basics Behind Professional Bass Playing
Dylan talks about the basic things that every bass player should know in order to be a professional and proficient musician.

  • Role of the Bass Guitar
  • Approaching Tone
  • Practice Habits

The Fingerboard
Dylan talks about scales, modes, and how all of these can be used to explore and memorize the fretboard.

The Blues
Dylan explores the most important aspects of playing Blues in the bass guitar and why it's important to know the Blues as a bass player.

Advanced Right Hand Techniques
Dylan explores techniques for the right hand such as Tapping and Slapping, also talks about coordination of thumb and plucking fingers, and how to use ghost notes and muting with all these techniques.

Extended Technique, Creativity, and Finding Your Voice on the Bass
Dylan explains everything related to playing chords on the bass, from its major and minor shapes, to extended voicings and how to use these as a composing tool.

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