DJ Pro Path

Part A

  • Pioneer CDJs / Rekordbox
  • Serato

Performing on the CDJ 3000s and the DJM V10

Learn everything related to the Pioneer CDJ 3000s and the DJM V10.

DJ Mixing Techniques and Phrasing

Learn how to mix two songs together and to do different phrasing techniques.

Rules of the Room (Included in Essential)

Learn the rules of the do’s and don’ts for different stages of the party.

Recording A House Mix In Logic Pro X

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Modern DJing (Included in Essential)

Learn to mix on any setup to fit your professional needs.

Advanced Modern DJing

Learn advanced DJ techniques using Serato.

Creating A Battle Routine

Learn and Understand how to start and create your own Battle Routine.

Scratching 101

Learn the ins and outs of scratching.

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Part B

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3
  • Course 4
  • Part B Final

Beginner’s Music Business

Learn the basics of navigating the music business.

Finding Your Artist Identity (Included in Essential)

Learn how to develop successful branding as an artist.

Content Creation

Learn how to build a powerful brand presence and connecting with your audience in meaningful ways.

Music Booking Agent Essentials

Learn everything needed to get started working as a music booking agent.

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