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About Course

In this course, Costas expands on the previous Modern Guitar course, this time he introduces concepts such as Intervals, Arpeggios and Superimposition. Also he teaches the Modes for both the Major and Minor Scale, also he analyzes a Jazz Standard and explains how all the content taught throughout the course relates to this song.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about Superimposition, Intervals, Arpeggios and different ways to play a Scale.
  • Learn the Modes of the Major Scale, as well as Tensions and Passing Tones.
  • Learn the Modes of the Minor Scale, open and closed Chords, and everything related to the Dominant Chord.
  • Learn advanced concepts such as Reharmonization, Modal Chords and Motivic Development. Use all these concepts learned so far to analyze "Black Orpheus".

Course Content

Intervals, Arpeggios and Superimposition.
Costas goes deeper into Intervals, Arpeggios and Superimposing, as well as showing us rhythmic displacement of the notes when a scale is being played.

  • Melodic Displacements
  • Intervals
  • Arpeggios
  • Superimposing
  • Different Ways To Practice a Scale

Major Scale Modes and Chord Changes
Costas goes over the Modes of the Major Scale as well as how to create tension in your playing and the most important aspects when you are playing over a song.

Minor Modes and Dominant Chords
Costas focuses on the Minor Modes and the Dominant Chord.

Modal Chords and Motivic Development
Costas goes over Modal Chords and Motivic Development, as well as Analyzing the Jazz Standard "Black Orpheus"

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