An Introduction to Synthesis

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About Course

Separate your sound from the rest through synthesis.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Acquire a basic foundation for understanding fundamental synthesis.
  • Learn the breakdown of polysynth and how to manipulate oscillators by understanding how they affect sound.
  • Get comfortable using filters to achieve a specific type of sound.
  • Gain an understanding of envelopes and modulation.
  • Learn the use of envelopes to open creative possibilities and modulate more than just volume.

Course Content

Deconstructing a Subtractive Synth
In this step, Thavius introduces the basics of synthesis.

  • An Introduction to Synthesis

What is an Oscillator
In this step, Thavius introduces the oscillator, the different waveforms, and setting up a second oscillator.

What is a Filter
In this step, Thavius discusses filter types, resonance, filters in series, and using parallel filters.

Triggering an Amplifier and Amp Envelope using Modulation
In this step, Thavius discusses amplifiers, the different types of envelopes, and sound design using envelopes.

Further Modulation
In this step, Thavius discusses designing kick drums with pitch modulation, creating snares with the noise generator, creating hi hats with decay, gates and triggers, and LFO modulation.

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