Finding Your Artist Identity

Categories: Music Business
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About Course

Camille goes over how to develop the different aspects of your brand in order to have the desired impact on your audience.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to find your brand identity.
  • Learn how to design a logo.
  • Learn how to reach your audience.
  • Learn mistakes to avoid when building your brand.

Course Content

You and Your Brand
Camille talks about the differences and similarities of artist branding versus corporate branding, as well as asking one really important question: 'What makes You, YOU?"

  • What Makes You YOU?
  • Corporate Vs. Artist Branding
  • What Makes You YOU? Part 2
  • Finding Your Brand Purpose

Finding Everything in Your Brand
Camille goes over finding important aspects in your Brand such as: Personality, Audience and Platform.

Your Brand and Your Audience
Camille talks about your Audience and how to connect with it in the best way.

Your Brand and Its Identity
Camille talks about uniqueness and identity in your Brand.

Finishing Touches for Your Brand
Camille talks about showcasing yourself and your brand, as well as mistakes when building your brand, and the different ways people can use the tools to show their brands.

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