Groove, Feel and Timekeeping

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Course Prerequisite(s)

About Course

Marko goes over how to tackle more complicated rhythmic concepts such as linear flow, odd meters and brush drumming.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about Sekstoles and alternative orchestration.
  • Learn about polymetric ostinato feels.
  • Learn about linear flow.
  • Learn how to play with brushes.

Course Content

Time Functioning/Beats
Marko covers Sekstoles, the 5:0 groove, alternative orchestration, inside-out playing, and paradiddle displacement.

  • Sekstoles
  • 5:0 Groove and The Concept of Alternative Orchestration
  • Inside-Out Playing
  • Paradiddle Displacement
  • Left Foot 16th-note Upbeats; Left Foot “&-ah” Ostinato

Linear Drumming
Marko goes over the New Frontier Linear Approach and Marko's Four-Way Linear Flow.

Polymetric Ostinato Feels
Marko covers the Campbell 6/8, Sone Ka La, the LIDC Idea and the We'll See 5/8 over a 3/4 Groove.

Marko covers standard swing strokes, non-standard swing strokes and sweeps, up-tempo swing strokes and sweeps, straight 8th-note sweeps and feels.

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