Intro to Finale

Categories: Music Theory
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About Course

Jacinta will walk you through the basic steps of starting and creating your own score using Finale. You will learn how to navigate through Finale and how to incorporate all of its tools.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to setup your own template.
  • Learn how to input notes manually and by MIDI.
  • Learn how to edit your score with numerous different tools featured on Finale
  • Learn how to prepare for print and exporting.

Course Content

Score Setup
In this step, Jacinta will introduce how to make and setup your own template in Finale.Jacinta will also show you how to setup your displays and use playback tools

  • Template Setup
  • Score Navigation
  • The Ribbon Overview Part 1
  • The Ribbon Overview Part 2

Note Input
In this step, Jacinta will demonstrate how to input notes manually and with using a MIDI Keyboard. Jacinta will also introduce a couple of tools to help get you started on your score.

Editing Your Score
In this step, Jacinta will demonstrate how to add and delete measures , how to use Repeat and Filter tools. Jacinta will also go over how to use the Text tool and how to Transpose your Parts and Scores.

Playback and Layout
In this step, Jacinta shows how to use Page layout and Playback tools. Jacinta will demonstrate how to edit tempo/temp changes , how to transpose your score , adding text and creating parts.

Practice Session and Printing/Exporting
In this step, Jacinta will let you run your own practice sessions and go through everything you learned in previous lessons and will demonstrate how to export to PDF, MP3, Music XML,and MIDI.

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