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Right Hand Technique Fundamentals
Martina introduces the fundamentals of fingerstyle, how to play Arpeggios, and proper movement for your right hand.
Arpeggios: Full Planting, Sequential Planting and Free Stroke
Martina introduces more variations of Arpeggios such as : Full Planting, Free Stroke, Syncopated and Moving Bass and how to introduce Polymetrical Arpeggios
Playing Melodies
Martina demonstrates how to build dexterity, using Free and Rest Strokes, and methods for practicing scales and string crossings.
Grooves: Pop and R&B
Martina uses the song Midnight by Lianne La Havas to introduces different Pop and R&B Grooves, Block Chords, and different variations and ornaments while playing Pop and R&B.
Grooves: Folk, Blues, Singer Songwriter and Bossa Nova
Martina uses the song River Man by Nick Drake to introduce Folk, Blues, Bossa Nova and Singer Songwriter techniques.
Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar (Included in Essential)
About Lesson

In this lesson, Martina goes over more arpeggios and introduces techniques from Abel Carlevaro books.

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