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Jazz Independence
Jason will give a brief history lesson on Jazz and its form , style and rules. Jason will touch on how to develop independence on between your hands and each part of the drum set.
Well You Needn’t and Lady Bird
Jason will use the two songs " Well You Needn't " by Thelonious Monk and the song "Lady Bird " by Tadd Dameron as examples of different types of Jazz drumming.
Trading 4s
Jason will discuss the process and meaning of Trading 4's and will demonstrate how to use a combination of each trade.
Jason will introduce Jazz Brushes and discuss the most common use , patterns and rhythms and how they are used for Ballads.
The “2-feel” and the “Double Time” feel
In this step, Jason will introduce two different feels such as the "2-Feel" and "Double Time Feel" and will demonstrate how to play them in different patterns and variations.
Introduction to Jazz Drumming (Included in Essential)
About Lesson

In this lesson, Jason will describe the beginning stages of the application of exercises aimed at improving a mix or combination of snare drum & bass drum independence.

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