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The Standard Shuffle
Jason talks a little bit about the history of the Shuffle Rhythm as well as showing the basic Standard Shuffle. Also shows some variations for the Bass Drum in this standard shuffle and some basic fills and transitions that fit well with it.
The Rock Shuffle
Jason shows us how to play the Rock shuffle, a variation on the standard shuffle with more weight and intensity so it can fit better in a rock setting. Also shows us variations on the bass drum and some fills and transitions
The Two Handed/Jazz Shuffle
Jason will introduce the Two Handed Shuffle, also known as the Jazz Shuffle, and its proper technique, variation and Fills and Transitions with it.
The Texas Shuffle
Jason shows us the Texas Shuffle, a more powerful variant of the Shuffle popularized in Texas.
The Ghost Note and Purdie Shuffle
Jason introduces two more complex type of Shuffle: The Ghost Note Shuffle, and the Purdie of "half-time" Shuffle, also Jason shows us the proper techniques to play these and their patterns in the Hi-Hat, Bass Drum and Snare Drum.
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Introduction to Shuffle Drumming (Included in Essential)
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In this lesson, Jason shows some basic fills and transitions that fit well within the language of the Standard Shuffle

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