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Introduction to the Upright Bass

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About Course

Learn the characteristics of an upright bass and the many ways you can play it

What I will learn?

  • Learn the different parts of the bass and what they do.
  • Learn Boom Chicks in different rhythms.
  • Understand how to play and expand major and minor scales.
  • Utilize music theory and ears in your bass playing.

Course Curriculum

Intro to the Upright Bass
Hill walks you through the process of how to choose and start playing an upright bass.

  • Choosing A Bass To Own
  • Care, Feeding, Playing
  • Boom Chicks
  • Half and Whole Steps

Hill introduces a new rhythm element and scales.

Hill shows you how to use intervals to enhance the scales.

Chords and Arpeggios
Hill teaches you chords and triads and how to play them through an octave.

Reading and Playing Music
Hill prepares you to read music as well as hear changes in the music you are playing.

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