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Live Performance Music Direction

About Course

Understand the steps to direct amazing live performances.

What I will learn?

  • Learn all about live performance music direction.
  • Learn to organize and prepare a track(s) from recording for live performance.
  • Acquire techniques on how to integrate technology both digital and analog with live musicians and talent.
  • Learn how to use different forms of direction to fit your act such as "Solo Artist" or "DJ Show".
  • Learn to collaborate with talent remotely and going through a final checklist/rehearsal to make sure the show is ready.

Course Curriculum

Organization and Workflow For Live Performance Music Direction
Grant discusses the steps of performance set up, stem prep and organization, and live performance playback.

  • Intro: What Is A Music Director?
  • Live Performance Setup & Programming
  • Stem Delivery, Organization and The Click
  • Artist Live Set Preparation
  • Playback

Arranging Your Live Performance in Ableton Live
Grant discusses alternate live versions, arrangement view vs. session view, and using the setlist plugin in Ableton Live.

Using Ableton Live to Add to the Live Performance
Grant demonstrates navigating through arrangement and session view, external drum samplers for Live Performances, and using the chain selector.

Enhancing The Live Performance with Sound Design and Effects
Grant discusses sound design for live performance, live vocal effects, and programming medleys, mashup-ups and interludes.

Working With Solo Acts, Final Steps and Working From Afar
Grant demonstrates how to program solo shows, preparing for DJ an hybrid live sets, final rehearsals, and remote collaborations.

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