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Live visuals with Rokvid and Ableton Live

About Course

Elevate your next performance using visual content.

What I will learn?

  • Learn to use RokVid, a Max for Live device for Ableton Live Suite.
  • What is RokVid and how it can enhance your performances.
  • Preparing your videos and webcam to be used with Ableton Live.
  • Use envelopes and MIDI mapping to further control your show.
  • Get ready to learn and perform the best practices and tips on troubleshooting

Course Curriculum

Organizing Your Project in Rokvid
In this step, Thavius discusses how to get started in Rokvid, loading multiple videos and content videos.

  • Getting Started In Rokvid
  • Loading Multiple Videos
  • Loading Content Folders

Adding Your Camera and Effects
In this step, Thavius discusses how to use webcams and effects in Rokvid.

Using Envelopes with Rokvid
In this step, Thavius demonstrates how to use an envelope follower, clip envelopes, and using follow action with clip envelopes.

Getting Performance Ready
In this step, Thavius discusses how to MIDI map, and using Rokvid live.

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