Making Money in the Music Business

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About Course

Jae Franklin goes over the ins-and-outs of the music business.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about songwriting and the music business.
  • Learn about streaming royalties.
  • Learn about sync licensing.
  • Learn about publishing.

Course Content

Songwriting and the Music Business
Jae gives a brief overview of some important music business concepts, like copyright, split sheets and performance rights organizations (PROs).

  • Songwriting as a Profession
  • The Importance of Copyrights Part One
  • The Importance of Copyrights Part Two
  • The Importance of PROs
  • Split Sheets

Streaming Royalties
Jae goes over the type of royalties that are currently in place; From the classic Songwriter, Producer and Publishing Royalties, to the more new type of Royalties that can be found in places like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

TV and Sync Licensing
Jae goes over sync licensing and how to get your music into movies, television, video games and more.

Jae goes over digital distribution and what role distributors play in your career.

Jae goes over publishing deals and gives some tips on how to negotiate a fair rate.

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