Mastering Auto-Tune

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About Course

Rosemary Minkler is an accomplished pianist, composer, and audio engineer. Rosemary works with companies such as Nord Keyboards, Korg, and Antares Audio Technologies (AutoTune). In this course, Rosemary introduces the powerhouse, Auto-Tune, and how to get the most out of a vocal performance using this incredibly robust plug-in. In 20 lessons, Rosemary will detail how to program each parameter inside of Auto-Tune to level up your recordings.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the history of Auto-Tune.
  • Learn to navigate and set up using Auto-Tune's Auto Mode and Graph Mode.
  • Using Auto-Tune Pro for live tracking/performance
  • Tips and Tricks For Maximizing AutoTune Potential.

Course Content

Getting Started With Auto-Tune
In this step you will learn the history of Auto-Tune, the purpose of using auto tune and how to get started.

  • History of Auto-Tune
  • Purpose of Using Auto-Tune
  • Auto-Tune Pro Overview
  • Setting Your Input Type, Key, and Scale

Introduction To Using Auto Mode
In this step, Rosemary will show the basics of Auto-Tune.

Using Auto Mode to Modify Your Audio
In this step, Rosemary will demonstrate how to use auto mode with a keyboard and enhancing your audio.

Workflow and Introduction to Graph Mode
In this step, Rosemary will show her auto mode workflow and introduce graph mode.

Using Graph Mode to Manipulate Your Audio
In this step, Rosemary will demonstrate her workflow and the functions of graph mode.

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