Mixing in FL Studio

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About Course

Larry Ohh is a music producer who works with Major Music Production companies such as: Image Line, Cymatics, Steven Slate, Mixed In Key, and many more! In 20 lessons Larry Ohh demonstrates the steps and techniques he uses to mix instruments from start to finish. This course will teach you how to get a professional sound on your productions.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to set up your audio for mixing.
  • Understand how to set up and organize your mixer.
  • Understand how and why to level and EQ.
  • Learn how to get a final mix.

Course Content

Setting Up Your Stems
In this step, Larry Ohh demonstrates loading stems, gain staging your instruments, cleaning audio stems, and organizing your channel rack.

  • Loading Stems
  • Gain Staging All Instruments
  • Cleaning Audio Stems
  • Organizing the Channel Rack

Mixer Setup
In this step, Larry Ohh discusses organization in the playlist and mixer tracks. As well as, how and why you should make drum busses, melody busses, reverb sends, and delay sends.

Leveling and EQing
In this step, Larry Ohh demonstrates how to pick a starting point, leveling each instrument, subtractive EQ, and additive EQ.

Compression and Sidechain
In this step, Larry Ohh demonstrates single drum compression, sidechaining and soft clipping kicks & 808s.

Final Mixing
In this step, Larry Ohh discusses the importance of panning, stereo separation, delay, and how to get a final and clear mix.

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