Modern Composition

Categories: Songwriting
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About Course

In this course, Manuel shows us everything related to composing music, from the starting point, to how to make your ideas grow, instrument choice, the importance of different elements in a song, different ways to input your composition into a DAW, and how to work with musicians when it’s time to showcase your composition.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to get into a compositional flow and how to grow your ideas from small to big.
  • Learn how to give your composition a different "flavor" by using different choices of instruments.
  • Learn how to input sheet music using Finale and how to import it into Logic Pro X.
  • Learn how to organize your composition and how to prepare it for the moment it's given to a session musician for use in both a live and studio setting.

Course Content

Starting your Composition
Manuel gives us an introduction to his method of composing, also he shows us how to get into a compositional flow and how to turn small ideas into big ideas.

  • The Starting Point
  • Beginning Aspects of Composition
  • Creating a Compositional Flow
  • Choosing Your Compositional “Vessel”
  • From Small Ideas to Big Ideas

Different Sounds and Ideas
Manuel shows us how to use different ideas and different sources of sounds and instrumentation to give your composition a different vibe.

From Finale to Logic Pro X.
Manuel shows us how to input the composition into Finale, how to work the composition in the DAW, and also how to import that composition into Logic Pro X.

Working with Musicians.
Manuel goes deeper into using Logic Pro X and all its tools as a different method of composing. Also he talks about the final stages after the composition is finished and how to work with the musicians in studio.

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