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About Course

In this course, Costas demonstrates exercises to improve your playing and feel more comfortable across the fretboard. Costas teaches you how to build chord progressions and improvise over them in various positions.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn different expression Techniques.
  • Learn scales and chords.
  • Develop your improvisation skills.
  • Learn to apply theory to your guitar playing.

Course Content

Getting Started with Blues
Costas introduces the pentatonic positions, as well as the first three positions of the major scale.

  • Pentatonic Positions
  • Expression Techniques
  • Advancing Your Blues
  • Three Positions of the Major Scale

Applying the Major and Minor Scales
Costas introduces all of the major and minor scale positions, and introduces 7th chords.

Improvising Over Chord Changes
Costas demonstrates how to improvise over chord changes using arpeggios, and goes over swing rhythm.

Costas introduces the Dorian and Mixolydian modes, and explains how to use the Circle of Fifths to build chord progressions with secondary dominants.

Costas goes over how to reharmonize existing chord progressions with dominant chords. He wraps up by going over some general tips for developing a unique sound.

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