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Music Theory for Producers

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What I will learn?

  • Learn Music Theory and Songwriting for the modern producer.
  • Learn how rhythm is built and how it affects your song.
  • Learn to build melodies and harmonies using chord and interval theory.
  • Learn music keys and how to work them using scales.
  • Acquire the knowledge of where to get started once you have the building blocks that make a song.

Course Curriculum

Understanding Time and Rhythm
Josh discusses time signatures, BPM, beats, bars, measures, and popular rhythms in different genres.

  • Speed and Feel: What Is Time Signature and BPM?
  • Rhythm In Groups: What’s The Bar?
  • Breaking Down The Bar: What Makes Up The Measure
  • Popular Rhythms

Learning Key Signatures and Scale Types
Josh discusses key signatures, chromatic scales, the different types of scales, and the circle of fifths.

Learning Tones and Distance Between Notes
Josh discusses consonant and dissonant tones, whole and half steps, intervals and semitones, and relative and parallel key signatures.

Understanding Note Complementation and the Use of Chords
Josh discusses melodies and harmonies, and building major and and minor chords.

Applying Music Theory to Your Production
In this step, Josh discusses the pentatonic scale, chords, and chord structure.

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