Sampling from Tape

Categories: Gear, Music Production
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About Course

Andrea demonstrates how to record onto tape, and import tape recordings into your DAW.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to record onto tape.
  • Learn to record tape loops into your DAW.
  • Learn to use the Tascam 424.
  • Put your samples up for sale using Gumroad.

Course Content

Getting to Know the Equipment
In this step, Andrea demonstrates an equipment overview, as well as discusses the advantages and disadvantages of tapes, and the benefits of using hardware.

  • Equipment Overview
  • Tape / Tape Loops
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Tape
  • Benefits of Using Hardware

Tascam 424, OP-1 and Plugins
In this step, Andrea covers a Tascam 424 overview, tape features, gear setup, and recording plugins into tape.

Recording and Using External Effects
In this step, Andrea covers how to record a synthesizer to a tape loop and to separate tracks, how to record audio from DAW to tape, and tape gap and pedals.

In this step, Andrea covers how to set up tape for a performance, live looping, loop stations, and looping effects.

Recording, Editing and Mastering
In this step, Andrea covers how to record in to your DAW, editing and mastering, exporting, and how to post samples online.

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