Sampling Organic Sounds

Categories: Music Production
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About Course

Flavya shows us how to Sample Organic Sounds, from the different recording devices that can be used, to how to import these sounds into a DAW and add effects, chop and loop them to give them depth and character so they can be used for songs.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about different recording devices, what to use and when to use them.
  • Learn about importing and recording sounds into a DAW,
  • Learn about arranging and looping these samples.
  • Learn about different effects that can be used to add character and depth.

Course Content

Sampling Organic Sounds
In this step, Flavya shows how to sample sounds from Organic sources. She shows the different devices that can be used for recording these sounds, how to import them into a DAW, how to edit, arrange and loop them, and how to add effects to them to give them a finished touch to be used in songs.

  • Recording Devices and DAW Overview
  • What To Use and When To Use It
  • Importing and Recording Sounds Into Your DAW
  • Arranging and Looping
  • Adding Effects

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