The Modern Hand Percussionist

Categories: Percussion
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About Course

In this step, Samuel goes over the different types of hand percussion, and shows exercises and basic set-ups for World and Afro-Cuban music styles.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about music and rhythm notation and time division.
  • Learn different hand exercises done in the congas.
  • Learn set-ups, styles and techniques for World Music and Afro-Cuban music styles.
  • Learn the concept of form and how to improvise.

Course Content

Syncopation, Time Division and Music Notation
Samuel explains all the theory involved in Rhythm Notation, as well as teaching everything about Time Division and Syncopation.

  • Music Notation
  • Developing a Steady Beat
  • Internalizing Syncopation
  • Binary and Triple Time Division

Hand Exercises
Samuel focuses on everything related to Hand Exercises for Congas.

Afro-Cuban Percussion
Samuel gives an overview of everything related to playing Afro-Cuban music and the different types of percussion used in it.

Shaker Technique, World Music Drums and Sound Effects
Samuel goes over the shaker technique, world music drums, set-ups, and sound effects.

Form and Improvisation
Samuel goes over the basic principles of form, approaching new genres, and improvisation.

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