Advanced Modern DJing

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About Course

In this course, Esquire demonstrates advanced DJ techniques and Serato features, including asymmetrical looping, Pitch n’ Time, the slicer, MIDI mapping, single/multi deck mixing and drop mixing.

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Course Content

Trick Mixing Techniques
Esquire demonstrates some trick mixing techniques.

  • Advanced Scratching Techniques
  • Adding Sizzle to The Steak
  • It Takes Two… or Three
  • Let The Beat Drop

Advanced Mixing Concepts
Esquire goes over some more advanced mixing concepts.

Advanced Mixing Techniques
Esquire demonstrates how to use effects to diversify you mixing abilities.

Digital Dash
Esquire demonstates how to use FX, MIDI mapping and timestretching.

Putting It All Together
In this step, Esquire goes over how to prepare your mix and goes over re-drum edits.

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