Advanced Modern Drumming

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About Course

In this course, Jason goes over different styles of music such as: Rock, Funk, Afro-Cuban music, Brazilian music, Reggae, and Jazz, and also he shows all the different set-up, techniques and patterns needed to be a complete all-round modern drummer.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn Rock and Funk grooves and their different variants.
  • Learn Afro-Cuban, Reggae and Brazilian grooves and their different variants.
  • Learn Jazz and New Orleans Jazz grooves and all their different variants.
  • Learn how to solo adequately, both in a "trading" scenario as well as soloing over long forms of music.

Course Content

Rock Grooves
Jason covers Standard Rock feels and its different variants.

  • Standard Rock
  • Half Time (16th Note) Rock
  • Shuffle Feels
  • Other Rock Styles

Funk Grooves
Jason covers Funk grooves and its different variants.

Afro-Cuban Grooves
Jason covers Afro-Cuban grooves and its different variants.

Brazilian Grooves
Jason covers Brazilian Grooves and introduces the style of Baião.

Reggae Grooves
Jason covers Reggae grooves and its different variants.

Jazz Grooves
Jason covers Jazz grooves and its different variants.

New Orleans Style Drumming
Jason covers the "2nd Line" New Orleans style.

Jason covers everything related to soloing on the drums.

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