Creating A Battle Routine

Categories: DJ, Serato
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About Course

Esquire will demonstrate step by step , how to create your own battle routine using a number of different techniques ranging from beginner to advanced.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the structure of creating a battle routine.
  • Learn the concepts of Beat Juggling
  • Learn how to use Intro/Outro and Wordplay segments.
  • Learn how to make transitions and body tricks and how to end your routine.

Course Content

Scratch Routine Structure
In this step, Esquire will demonstrate several different Scratching and Phrasing Techniques to get you started learning on how to build your own routine.

  • Combination Scratching Techniques
  • Intermediate Scratching Techniques
  • Combining Intermediate Scratching Techniques
  • Phrasing Techniques
  • Applying Music Theory

Beat Juggling Structure
In this step, Esquire will breakdown how to incorporate a Chasing and Strobing patterns ,how to start and end your own Breakdown Patterns and how to apply all these techniques using Music Theory.

Intro/Outro/Wordplay Segments
In this step, Esquire will demonstrate how to create your own Intro and Outro segment and also how to utilize wordplay in your routine.

Transitions / Body Tricks
In this step, Esquire will demonstrate how to make proper transitions and how to incorporate body transitions using turntable based techniques.

Routine Completion / Tips and Tricks
In this step , Esquire will explain the process of preparing your MP3 files for your routine, how to trim your routine for time purposes and shed light on some Unwritten Rules.

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