Introduction to Ableton Live 12

Categories: Ableton, Music Production
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About Course

In this lesson, Rishabh goes over the interface of Ableton Live 12, as well as the new MIDI features that come with the new version of the DAW, how to record and manipulate audio, and some more advanced techniques.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Get acquainted with Ableton 12's interface as well as using the clips and patterns in both session and arrangement view.
  • Go in depth with the old and new MIDI tools that come with Ableton 12.
  • Go in depth with all the tools that Ableton 12 has to record, mix and manipulate Audio.
  • Go over more advanced techniques that Ableton 12 has, such as sampling, the use of Max for Live, and all the possibilities the instrument rack brings.

Course Content

Clips & Patterns
Rishabh shows you the basic controls of Live 12 including using the clips and patterns available in session and arrangement view.

  • Introduction to the Interface
  • Audio and MIDI Preferences
  • Understanding the Library
  • Working with Clips and Scenes
  • Creating Patterns from Scratch
  • In Depth Clip Controls

Using MIDI
Rishabh goes in depth into MIDI and Live 12s new MIDI generation tools.

Audio and Mixing
Rishabh shows you how to record audio into live, as well as techniques for manipulating and mixing that audio.

Advanced Techniques
Rishabh breaks down some more advanced techniques in Live 12 from instrument racks to Max for Live and more.

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