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Basic Techniques
Samuel will introduce the basic techniques of hand percussion. Samuel will demonstrate sounds, slap techniques, and different hand combinations.
The Conga Tumbao
Samuel will demonstrate the basics of Conga Tumbao and introduce multiple techniques and patterns when using one or more congas.
Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms and Building The Salsa Groove
Samuel will demonstrate how to build a basic Salsa Groove, use patterns such as Martillo, cascara/shell, and play the güiro, maracas, bongo, and cowbell.
Other Afro-Cuban Grooves
Samuel will introduce the groove of Guaguancó and its variations. He will also demonstrate the style of Songo and how to play in 6/8 time.
Modern Techniques
Samuel demonstrates a variety of exercises to get you used to playing with more two or more congas. He will also demonstrate some basic improvisation techniques and talk about basic percussion setups.
Introduction to Hand Percussion (Included in Essential)
About Lesson

In this lesson, Samuel introduces and demonstrates the basics of conga Tumbao, showing a pattern that is used in Afro-Cuban, Salsa and many more.

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