South American Percussion

Categories: Drums, Percussion
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About Course

Samuel Torres will demonstrate different Percussion Styles from all over South America.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the Rhythmic Tools.
  • Learn Colombian Percussion.
  • Learn about the Afro-Cuban Influence.
  • Learn about Peru and Maracas Llaneras.

Course Content

Rhythmic Tools
Samuel introduces a few different Rhythmic Tools.

  • 3 Against 2
  • 2 Against 3
  • Syncopation on Triplets
  • 4 against 3 and Syncopations on Sixteenth Notes

Samuel introduces the Bambuco-Pasillo, Fandango, Currulao and Mapalé.

The Afro-Cuban Influence
Samuel goes over Afro-Cuban 6/8 rhythms, the clave, the cowbell, and the shekere.

Samuel goes over the Festejo cajón and the Landó cajón.

Maracas Llaneras
Samuel goes over basic exercises, patterns, ornaments, and free improvisation.

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