Modern DJing

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About Course

In this course, DJ Esquire takes you through the steps to be a professional DJ. Learn to setup your equipment, mixing and transitional techniques, building a DJ library, and other digital DJing essentials.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to connect any DJ setup.
  • Understand how to mix with correct phrasing.
  • Learn to integrate software with your DJ sets.
  • Learn the skills needed to be a working DJ beyond the decks.

Course Content

Setup for Success
Esquire discusses the different types of DJ set ups, the essential gear for a gig, and knowing the multiple performance roles a DJ will play.

  • Set Up Options
  • Gear Essentials for a Gig
  • Knowing Your Role
  • Acquiring Music for Your DJ Library

Managing a DJ Library
Esquire discusses how to manage your DJ library, Serato Flip, track selection, system compatibility and settings.

Mix Techniques and Transitions
Esquire demonstrates phrase mixing, EQ utilization, alternate transitions, and recording and and editing mixes.

Digital DJing Essentials
Esquire demonstrates how to utilize looping, beat jumping, sample banks, and mixing in key to enhance your mixes.

The Hustle Behind the Music
Esquire discusses how to market and promote yourself, how to set up your livestream, how to prepare for your performance and a performance by Esquire incorporating all of the techniques covered.

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