Modern Music Theory

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About Course

In this course, Martina takes you through the steps to understand music theory. You will learn rhythm notation, the musical alphabet, key signatures, intervals, the circle of fifths, harmonic progressions, and transcribing.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand rhythm notation.
  • Learn the musical alphabet and key signatures.
  • Understand intervals.
  • Learn harmonic progression.

Course Content

Introduction to Rhythm Notation
In this step, Martina discusses all the basic rhythm notations and time signatures.

  • Basic Rhythm Notation Part 1
  • Basic Rhythm Notation Part 2
  • Basic Rhythm Notation Part 3
  • Basic Rhythm Notation Part 4

The Musical Alphabet and Key Signatures
In this step, Martina discusses the musical alphabet, accidentals, tetrachords, and key signatures.

In this step, Martina discusses intervals, major and minor 2nds, 3rds, 6ths, and 7ths.

Circle of Fifths, Solfege and Other Musical Symbols
In this step, Martina discusses the circle of fifths, solfege, transposition, other musical symbols, and how to build triads.

Harmonic Progressions and Transcribing
In this step, Martina demonstrates 7th chords, basic harmonic progression, cadence, form, and transcribing.

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