Introduction to Colombian Music

Categories: Drums, Percussion
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About Course

Samuel will go over many different styles and rhythms of Colombian music.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the Basics.
  • Learn about the Cumbiamba Family.
  • Learn the Music of the Pacific Coast , The Moutains and The Plains.
  • Learn Fusion with Contemporary Styles.

Course Content

Samuel will introduce and go over the basics of traditional Colombian music and will touch on several techniques and patterns that can be used when playing instruments like the Maracon, Guache , Tambor, Tambora Alegre, and the Llamador.

  • Colombia’s Cultural Diversity and Introduction to the Cumbiamba Ensemble
  • Techniques for Maracón and Guache (Seeds Instruments)
  • Techniques and Sounds for Llamador and Tambor Alegre
  • Bullerengue: Llamador, Seeds, Claps and Tambor Alegre Pattern

Cumbiamba Family
Samuel will introduce the Cumbiamba Family which consists of styles such as Cumbia, Puya, Garabato/Chandé and Mapalé. Samuel will also demonstrate many different patterns and variations and explain the relationship each of these styles have with each other.

Modern Ensemble
Samuel demonstrates different patterns such as the Porro, the Merecumbe, and a simplified version of Cumbia nicknamed the "Paisa Style".

Music of the Pacific Coast, The Mountains and The Plains
Samuel will introduce and the demonstrate the music of the Pacific Coast, The Mountains and The Plains in Colombia and will explain how all these different styles coexist with each other and how they were influenced.

Fusion with Contemporary Styles
In this step, Samuel will discuss the fusion of traditional Colombian music mixed with Contemporary Pop, Rock and Electronic music.

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