Modulation in Ableton Live

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About Course

In this course, Thavius demonstrates how sound, pitch, and parameter automation can take your creations to the next level. In 20 lessons, Thavius will introduce the vocabulary of modulation, adding pitch and timbre automation, and how to automate parameters to add that something special to your production.




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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand modulation in musical terms.
  • Explore Max for Live devices that come with Ableton Live, as well as others available online.
  • Manipulate modulation devices to unlock movement of parameters that can't normally be accessed.
  • Learn to combine multiple modulators for endless creative possibilities.

Course Content

Modulation With The LFO
Thavius discusses modulation music, LFO tool, LFO MIDI, and the Ted FX.

  • What Is Modulation In Music
  • The LFO Tool In Max For Live
  • The LFO MIDI Device
  • Modulation With Ted FX Using Control Voltage

Modulation With Envelopes
In this step, Thavius discusses step modulation, envelope modulation, volume envelope modulation, and the sharper.

Inversion and Mapping
In this step, Thavius discusses the envelope inversion, the use of the XY pad, the multimap, and Map8.

Sequencing and Variation
In this step, Thavius discusses sequencing snapshots, Modulation, rhythmic variations, and adding probability

Using MIDI and Multi-mapping
In this step, Thavius discusses MIDI sequencing, drums with the mono sequencer and envelope, LFO modulation and multimap, and combining modulators.

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