Sampling in Serato Studio

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About Course

Pudge goes over how to chop samples, sequence drums, create a remix, and add effects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to sequence and arrange a track.
  • Learn how to chop, record, select and edit samples.
  • Learn how to add FX and automation to your track.
  • Learn the art of remixing.

Course Content

Pre-Programming / Set-Up
In this step, Pudge discusses the overview and layout of Serato Studio and demonstrates how to locate /load samples or files , utilize the stock samples, and save and organize your files.

  • Locating and Loading Samples
  • Utilizing Serato’s Stock Samples
  • Loading and Editing Samples from External Sources
  • Saving, Naming, and Organizing

Programming / Composition
In this step, Pudge discusses the process of Recording and Sampling yourself, how to make a Loop and Micro-Chop Samples and also how to make your own Drum and Sample Pack.

Sequencing /Arrangement
In this step, Pudge discusses Sequencing and Arrangement , Automation , and also how to use and apply FX and Filter's.

The Art Of Remixing
In this step, Pudge demonstrates how to Sample Vocals/ Acapella and discusses hows to make Edits / Refixes and Remixes.

Mixing / Post Production
In this step, Pudge discusses the process of Mixing Drums , Samples and Loops and also demonstrates how to add Master Track Automation and do a Final Mix.

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