Traditional Funk and R&B Rhythms

Categories: Drums, Genres & Styles
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About Course

Jason will walk you through the different grooves and patterns, as well as the tunings and techniques associated with Funk/R&B.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn techniques and drum tunings commonly associated with traditional Funk/R&B.
  • Learn different variations on each drum.
  • Learn variations on the "Fat Back" and "Chicken" grooves.
  • Learn ghost note patterns and displacements.

Course Content

Various Techniques & Tunings
Jason goes through the tuning of each drum and the foundational techniques used in Funk.

  • Hi Hat Technique
  • Snare Drum Technique & Tuning/Head Choices
  • Bass Drum Technique & Tuning/Head Choices
  • Combined Techniques

Groove Variations
Jason goes over different variations on each drum.

The “Cold Sweat” Groove
In this step, Jason breaks down the "Fatback" groove and the "Cold Sweat" groove.

The “Chicken” Groove
Jason breaks down the "Chicken" groove.

Next Steps
Jason goes over ghost note patterns and displacements.

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