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Pro Path

Start your journey into modern music entrepreneurship.

On-demand lessons anywhere, anytime

You can use your free time to improve your skills anytime, anywhere with WIFI access.

Curated online curriculum

You can participate in mentorship sessions with instructors in NY from anywhere. The curriculum is designed with built-in music industry skills certifications.

Tailor-made for students

After mastering your basic skills, you can select classes to achieve your goals while consulting with your mentor.

Access to course library

Over 2,500 videos from musicians and creators around the world will teach you the secrets of success. You’ll get industry tips you can’t learn in traditional classes or online.

Exclusive discounts and giveaways

Get access to excess discounts on industry standard gear, plugins, software, DAWS, and more.

One-on-One Mentorship

Pro Path includes live mentorship sessions with industry professionals to help guide you through your courses.

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